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Download EFT Bloat  cheat 2024 NEW



This cheat is a powerful weapon in the battle for victory! It can differentiate between bots and real players by colors, making your shooting more effective and precise. With enlarged body parts, you can easily hit enemies by aiming at these areas. Additionally, the cheat provides features like seeing players and items through walls (PLAYER ESP, ITEM ESP), eliminating recoil (NO RECOIL), and increasing hitbox sizes (BIG HITBOX), significantly improving your shooting accuracy. When you have such powerful tools at your disposal, victory becomes only a matter of time. Use this cheat and become unbeatable!

No detections or bans as of 09/03/2024

Visual Instructions


  • Disable antivirus and Windows protection –> instructions for disabling.
  • Download file ****
  • Unzip the contents of the folder. password 123
  • Launch the file EFT_Bloat after logging into the game.

How to disable Defender?


What is the archive password?

Archive password 123